Great Chase

British Allotment Cocktail

by: The Church Hill Bar


50ml Chase vodka

25ml Chase Rhubarb vodka

20ml lemon juice

5ml Monin gomme syrup

5ml Pear liqueur

1 light squeeze of rhubarb puree

1 light squeeze of pear puree

25ml of carrot juice

2 drops of Plum bitters

1 Egg white

Method: Dry Shake, Iced Shake, Strain in a Flask. 7.5ml Pear eau de vie to rinse the glass and to garnish, baby caramelized Carrot and 3 drops of house-made pea puree

Menu Description

Allotments have a long standing tradition in the United Kingdom and their significance cannot be underestimated. The period between 1914-1918 witnessed a great increase in allotments due to the shortages of food brought on by the war. One hundred years later they have commemorated this by using the produce that was grown on those allotments. Chase potato and rhubarb vodka is combined with pear liqueur and fresh carrot juice. Fresh egg white and plum bitters pay homage to the Royal Family at Windsor Castle who ate a plum pudding every day made from fresh plums picked in their garden. Served in a hip flask and garnished with a few drops of pea puree, this would surely have fulfilled the rationing of any civilian!

For each British Allotment served one pound will be donated to the Star and Garter Charity.