Great Chase

chase punch

2 bottles of Marmalade Vodka

1 ¼ cups Fresh Lime Juice (about 10 limes)

1 ½ cups Fresh Orange Juice (about 10 oranges)

1 Cup Cloudy apple juice

¼ cup Allspice

1 cup honey

2 limes

sliced 2 oranges

sliced 3 Apple slices

6 cloves Freshly ground nutmeg

2 Cinnamon sticks

One large ice block

Method: Combine the Chase, juices, allspice , and syrup in a large punch bowl. Add the ice block to the mixture approximately 15 minutes before serving. Float the orange, apple slices and lime slices on top of the punch. Dust each serving of punch with freshly ground nutmeg. Serves 12-18. Share and enjoy!