Great Chase

golden reviver

50ml Chase Marmalade Vodka

Rinse of Absinthe

12.5ml Honey, Chilli and Chocolate syrup (see below)

12.5ml Dry Vermouth

20ml Egg White

Mozart Chocolate Bitters (roughly 4-5 dash for every 100ml)


Method: Add a dash of absinthe to a coupette glass with crushed ice and a splash of water (around 20ml of water) swill ice round glass and leave to sit. Add all other ingredients to a shaker without ice and dry shake until aerated. Add ice and shake again. Dump ice and absinthe out of glass (leaving an absinthe film in the glass), double strain mixture into coupette and garnish with a flamed star anise. 

Syrup Method: Honey and Boiling Water in a 10-1 ratio, Mozart Chocolate bitters- roughly 4-5 dash for every 100ml, Tabasco sauce- 2 dash for every 100ml (can be substituted for fresh chilli if preferred, simply chop and add to mixture) Stir all ingredients and leave to cool, store in a bottle for later.