Great Chase

the ethicurean’s chase vodka cocktail

From The Ethicurean Cookbook

25ml Chase Vodka

¼ lemon

2 sprigs of thyme, plus 1 to serve

1 tsp honey

100ml apple

Method: Fill your glass to the rim with ice. Squeeze the wedge of lemon into the glass part of a Boston shaker, then drop in the lemon wedge, together with the thyme. Mash together with a wooden pestle. Add the honey, pouring in just a little warm water to dissolve. Measure out the vodka, no harm in a double if the wind takes you, and pour it on to the other ingredients. Add the apple juice and top up to just below the rim with ice. Tap the tin on top and shake till water condenses on the outside of the shaker. Separate by using the heel of your hand to knock where the glass and tin are touching. Pour those last few precious drops into the tin, then place a hawthorn strainer over the tin and pour the mixture into your chilled glass. Top up with ice and small sprig of thyme, then add more juice to taste.

The Ethicurean Cookbook by Jack Adair Bevan, Iain & Matthew Pennington and Paula Zarate (Ebury Press, £25). See review.