Great Chase

pear & apple cider

50ml Williams Elegant Gin 

200ml Willy’s Cider 

50ml Pear Nectar (see below) 

Method: Add Willy’s Cider to a pan over medium heat, along with pear nectar, a cinnamon stick and stir anise. Add Williams Elegant Gin to the bottom of a tempered glass and top with pear and cider infusion. Garnish with fresh apple slice and star anise.

Pear Nectar: Core whole pears and add to a pan on low heat with fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and water (roughly 25ml lemon juice, 25ml sugar syrup for every 5 whole pears). Simmer for around 20 minutes on low heat. Add mixture to a food processor and purée until smooth. Bottle and store in the fridge.