Great Chase

spiced honey and apple caiproska

By Joshua Linfitt, Fifteen Cornwall

50ml Naked Chase Vodka

30ml spiced honey (see below)

10ml Cornish apple juice

1 white sugar cube

1 lime

5ml lemon juice

Method: We start by making the spiced honey using Cornish (blossom) honey and some boiling water then adding pre toasted spices citrus and root including; smoked black cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, lemon and orange zest, vanilla pods, cloves, green cardamom, nutmeg, and few others which we are keeping secret

After this has had time to infuse all those beautiful flavours, we mix it with lime juice and oils from the skin which is muddled with a small amount of white cane sugar. (Using the sugars coarseness to release flavoured oils from the limes skin.)

Next we add a splash of fresh lemon juice and a dash of our Cornish orchards apple juice which is made from three varieties of apple;

Cox, Bramley and old cornish giving the cocktail a crunch and a sharp tangy edge.

Then for the booze; Naked Chase (Pure English apple vodka at 42% it is made from organically grown apples and nothing else.The Chase distillery in Herefordshire, England has award winning vodkas which were voted the World’s Best by the San Francisco Spirits Competition.) It is also an unknown fact that gin is made from vodka and the Naked Chase gets redistilled with botanicals to make Williams Chase Gin.

Naked Chase has beautiful flavours running through it with a very tame/shy apple hint on the nose and big juicy baked apple flavours on the palate with a long lasting sweet finish.

Back to the cocktail….. all these ingredients are chilled down with crushed ice and served short with no mixer.