Step One

Our Farm

Our farm is based in Herefordshire, a county that boasts some of the richest farmland in the world. It is here we grow King Edward, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta potatoes for the distillery.

Having the distillery located on the farm allows us to keep a watchful eye over how our potatoes and apples move from field to bottle. It’s this single-estate approach that makes us different – something you can taste in our award-winning vodka.

"It's great fun seeing the raw materials we grow on our farm being turned into products that sit on the shelves of some of the world's top bars." Harry Chase, Chase Farmer
Step Two


We start by peeling our potatoes (our cattle get the peelings!) then we smash them into a pulp before transferring into our mash vessel. We heat the potatoes using steam and add some enzymes to help us break down the potato starch into sugars. We let our potatoes cool for a while and at exactly 27C we add our own special distillers yeast and pump it all into our fermentation tank.

Step Three

Fermentation & Separation

Our mash is left to ferment for between 36 and 48 hours at a constant temperature, leaving us with around 9% ABV fermented potato mash. After this we separate the alcohols from the potato mash leaving us with low wines spirit at around 86% ABV. Our potato mash is then used as field fertiliser on our farm.
At this point, the spirit has reached the dizzying heights of 96% ABV and is well on its way to becoming Chase Vodka.

Step Four


After distillation, the raw spirit is tempered with water drawn from a source at the heart of the farm. Once it’s reached a much more drinkable 40% abv, we hand bottle our vodka and seal it with a handmade cork. The whole process, from farm to bottle, takes up to two weeks.

We’re a stones throw away from the Malvern Hills – the home of the Queen’s favourite water.

Step Five

Making Our Gin

Not many people know that gin is made from vodka! Unlike most distilleries, we make our spirits from scratch rather than buying in a readymade neutral grain spirit. People care about the terroir of their wines or the barrel aging of their whiskies, so why shouldn’t they care about the traceability of their white spirits? We can tell you in which field your vodka and gin was borne from.

In our bespoke copper gin still, Ginny, we add 10 botanicals into the carter head for vapour infusion through our spirit as well as 2 of our botanicals in the belly of the still giving a different complexity to our gin. Most distilleries are trying to use botanicals to mask the base spirit in their gin, whereas we use our botanicals to draw out the best aspects and our botanicals compliment the mineral earthiness in our potato spirit. For our GB gin we infuse juniper buds and berries to ensure that we distil the driest gin possible, followed by cinnamon, ginger, almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, angelica root, liquorice root and lemon to ensure a distinct, full and robust flavour.

Step Six


We believe in a truly sustainable approach to farming and creating spirits, which is why we let nothing go to waste. We create our own energy from our own bio-boiler on site which is powered using the prunings from our apple orchards, all of our potato waste goes to fertilise our fields or feed our herd of pedigree Hereford cattle, and wherever possible, the fresh ingredients used in our products are sourced from right here on our family farm or from our local and trusted Herefordshire suppliers.
As farmers at heart we value our countryside, every inch of it, from field to bottle.

Discover more behind our process and check out our Farm & Distillery tours.

From Field To Bottle

Why Hereford?

Our farm is based in Herefordshire in Great Britain, a region that boasts some of the richest red soil in the world, ideal for growing potatoes. It is here that we grow King Edward, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta potatoes for our range of Chase vodkas and gins.
It is in this special county that William Chase was born and started Chase Distillery. William is often heard talking about the provenance of Chase Vodka and Chase Gin and he believes that it is the rich, red Hereford soil and our Single-Estate mentality that have led to our spirits being named 'The World's Best'. Please do come and visit us on the farm and take a guided tour around the distillery, once you visit Herefordshire you won't want to leave!

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