Country Tails

October 10, 2018

Autumn Serves

With the apples picked and potatoes almost harvested, we can’t help but get a little excited of the transition into the Autumn/Winter season here at the distillery. The leaves are changing colour, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping leaving us reaching for our wellies and an extra layer. 

There is nothing better than coming in from the cold to a comforting Autumn cocktail created with flavours and ingredients inspired by the season.

Try your hand at our current favourites below…


Great British Bramble

The combination of our GB Gin and Oak-aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin is a delicious one – it also looks beautiful too. 

40ml Chase GB Gin

15ml Fresh lemon juice

15ml Sugar syrup

15ml Chase Oak-Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin

Method: build first 3 ingredients in a rocks glass and mix with crushed ice. Top with a little more crushed ice and drizzle Sloe Gin over ice to finish. Garnish with fresh blackberries and a ginger slice. 


Ginger & Honey Collins

We’ve added a little warmth to a classic Vodka Collins with the addition of ginger ale and a little honey. Our Potato Vodka makes this a perfect long cocktail for a cosy evening.

50ml Chase Potato Vodka

15ml Lemon juice

10ml Honey

Ginger ale top

Method: Mix Vodka, lemon and honey thoroughly and add cubed ice. Top with ginger ale and stir again. Garnish with a slice of lemon and fresh ginger. 


Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Basil Gin Smash

Using our newest addition to the family and combining it with sweet, fresh apple juice gives you a refreshing, autumnal serve. 

50ml Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml Sugar syrup

50ml Cloudy Apple Juice

Basil Leaves

Method: Combine all ingredients except the basil in a glass and stir well. Add in the basil and stir gently again. Finally, add cubed ice.