Country Tails

April 1, 2016


William Chase…

‘In many ways, setting up Chase Distillery was similar to the early days of Tyrrell’s. Potatoes were our raw product and we were once again going to make something authentic. I was on a steep learning curve and needed to find the equipment and staff to help me.’

‘In the last few years, there’s been a proliferation of small distilleries, but when I was setting up mine in 2007, customs law dictated that I needed a 2,000 litre still and a massive rectifying column. The law was changed the year after, which is why there are now a lot of so called ‘artisan’ gin and vodka makers, but fortunately I had to go big or go home. I think that if I’d been setting it up under the new laws, there’s a possibility that I would’ve kept making vodka and gin as a hobby instead of building Chase Distillery into what it is today – the first and only single-estate vodka and gin distillery in Britain.’

From Will’s book ‘One Potato… Two’.

Figures released by The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) have said that gin saw a multi-record breaking year in 2015, with 49 distilleries opening across the country and consumers spending more on gin than ever before and we can see why!

Eight years have flown by and we can’t think of a better to celebrate our Birthday than with some nostalgic photos and a cheeky GB&T!