Country Tails

June 20, 2017

Chase At British Polo Day 2017 

This year we will be returning to the UK installment of British Polo Day 2017 with our famous horsebox bar. The event, which takes place this weekend on the 24th June, is a celebration of craft and heritage in a polo events network that spans the world. Chase attended British Polo Day in the UK and in India in 2016 and we are very much looking forward to enjoying the event on home turf once again.

The story of British Polo Day stems from a love of the history and traditions of the ancient sport of polo and a recognition that the ‘international language of the horse’ can bridge cultures, bringing people together on a global scale while celebrating ties with third partner countries. The aim of a British Polo Day is to continue the tradition of playing high quality polo against friends in host countries, while also acting as a platform for businesses in emerging and growth markets, giving them intravenous access to the global community. 

This year we will be popping up with our horsebox bar and serving GB&Ts for all attendees, for more information head here.