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October 15, 2019

The Chase guide on how to make the perfect G&T

With International Gin and Tonic Day approaching, we’ve compiled our guide to help you mix the perfect gin and tonic every single time. It might be a simple drink but equally has a lot of hurdles with the possibility to fall at, but fear not, we are here to help. Keep reading to discover…

Glass: We recommend using a tall collins style glass for a long, refreshing serve. It ensures there is plenty of room for the ingredients.

Gin: Add a 25ml or 50ml measure of your favourite Chase Gin. Using a jigger to measure ensures you achieve the right balance between spirit and the mixer – not too much and not too little but just the right amount so you can taste the true flavour of the gin.

Ice:  Don’t under-estimated the power of ice in your drink; large, solid, clear ice cubes are preferred and ensure you fill the glass right to the top to ensure a perfectly cool drink and longer-lasting ice.

Tonic: A good quality tonic is key – we recommend searching for one that really lets the flavour of the gin shine through. 

Stir: Push a bar spoon to the bottom of the drink and really gently stir to combine the ingredients and cool the drink.

Garnish: To finish, search for the best garnish to complement your serve. Each of our gin and tonic recipes can help you with this one – head to the recipe section on our website here to discover.


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