Country Tails

January 11, 2017

Chase in The USA 

Last week James, Fred and Adrian visited the USA to work on some exciting projects and to catch up with our distributors and friends out there. Once they had settled in to their hotel they headed over to the Palm Bay offices, to see  our American distributors for a full day of meetings. You can’t have work with no play though, right? So James and Fred were treated to front row seats at a basketball game and were able to see LeBron James play live, the experience of a lifetime!

After catching up with Palm Bay they traveled to Blue Hill Farm to catch up with Dan Barber. Dan’s farm focuses on reusing waste materials and being sustainable, much like Chase Distillery and they’ve got some very exciting projects planned. 

James Chase will be heading back over to America later this month for the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. If you’re over for the show make sure you let him know!