Country Tails

August 25, 2016


Classic Nostalgia transports you back in time to the 1950’s and 1960’s. With classic cars everywhere you look and vintage-inspired musicians and dancers it’s a weekend of celebration for this memorable era.

The event is held at Shelsley Walsh, Worcester, and is the world’s oldest motor racing venue to still be help on the original track. After 111 years not a single corner has been changed.

The guest of honour, Hans-Joachim Stuck, followed the trail of his late father, the legendary Hans Stuck, who, exactly 80 years ago drove a similar V16 Auto Union Grand Prix car up the iconic hill. After all the action, Stuck took to our horsebox bar and put his feet up with a Great Chase- living the dream!

The rural setting, crowd’s reception and the nostalgia of the occasion made for a truly magical event.