Country Tails

April 18, 2019

Easter Entertaining

The long Easter weekend is the perfect opportunity to gather loved ones to enjoy delicious food and homemade cocktails together. Whilst celebrating Easter, this time of the year is all about paying homage to springtime and the fresh lease of life it brings with it.

Down on the farm, we’re gearing up for this year’s potato planting, the first stage in our field to bottle process and seeing the apple orchards turn to blossom.

We’ve a lot to raise a toast to and it’s set to be a glorious weekend, so we encourage you to pick up a bottle and try your hand at our favourite seasonal serves as a deserved treat. 

English Cherry Blossom

Blossom is a sure sign of spring and this vibrant cocktail uses Chase GB Gin with a drop of cherry juice and garden-picked rosemary to give a perfectly balanced sweet, yet earthy flavour.

Chocolate Martini

Some may argue Easter simply isn’t complete without a little chocolate and so we’ve created a smooth, bittersweet Chocolate Martini with our Original Potato Vodka that hits the spot each time.