Country Tails

June 26, 2018

English Elderflower Season

Elderflowers can be found in abundance along wild hedgerows for a fleeting period during the summer season. The beautiful light-cream coloured blossoms are only around for a couple of weeks before they are past their best and can be used to create numerous delicious treats. With a sweet and summery fragrance, we believe they are a quintessential sign that the English summer has truly arrived. 

Our liqueur is blended from a base of our Potato Vodka where fresh elderflower sprays are gently macerated and then lightly sweetened to create a drink that captures the rounded, unique flavour of elderflower. It is excellently balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and alcohol; perfectly subtle but captivating on the nose and palate.

We are set for a gloriously sunny weekend and so we urge you to pop a bottle in your picnic basket along with your favourite food to enjoy with friends. Suitable for sipping alone with a cube of ice or as an addition to a refreshing cocktail, you can discover it on the shop and a collection of delicious recipes here.

…and so just like that, we bid farewell and look fondly ahead to next year’s harvest.