Country Tails

April 5, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About The Humble Spud

The humble spud, the secret to our success.

Where would we be without the UK’s favourite tubular vegetable? Those of you who know our spirits will know that we grow tonnes of potatoes every year to form the base of our award-winning vodka and gin, and for this reason, we think the potato deserves some more respect! It does have some pretty remarkable properties after all… If you’re ready to be enlightened continue reading:

  • Did you know that Maris Piper is the most common variety of potato grown in the UK? (though we only use King Edward, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta in our spirits)
  • In 2010 two thirds of all agricultural land in the UK was planted with spuds, that’s a whopping 129,600 hectares.
  • The potato is often given a bad name for being a high-carb, low nutrient vegetable but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A potato contains more potassium than a banana, more vitamin C than an orange and more fiber than an apple!
  • The world’s largest potato hails from the UK, it was grown in 2010 and weighed an astonishing 3.76kg 
  • The potato was also the first vegetable to be successfully grown in space in 1995
  • The average global citizen consumes 33kg of potato per year, that’s a lot of spud!

So there you have it, the potato isn’t simply the beige veg you thought it was, it deserves our respect! Next time you’re whipping up your mash potato you can relax knowing you’re getting a good dose of your daily vitamins (just go easy on the butter and milk!)