Country Tails

August 13, 2015

Fancy sipping into some exciting cocktails? Head over to The Donovan Bar at the Brown’s Hotel in London to try some of their new tasty tipples…

One way Ticket                              

Williams Gin stirred with Aperol, Donovan Bar Bitters, Antica Formula Vermouth and a splash of gomme syrup.  Served over ice into an coupette glass.

The Photographer                        

Chase Marmalade Vodka mixed with Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, mango juice, fresh strawberries, fresh blackberries, homemade raspberry syrup and a few drops of Donovan Bar Bitters.

Smoking Mary                              

Chase Marmalade Vodka mixed with a spicy pre-mix sauce and tomato juice served in a metal mug perfumed with a smoky Whisky, served over ice.

Russian Roulette                          

Jack Daniel’s mixed with Chase Rhubarb Liqueur and a few drops of Creole Bitters.

The Donovan Bar