Country Tails

August 9, 2018

Feast in the Furrows

Last Wednesday evening the breeze was warm, the sky was a dusky blue and the table was set for a feast. A feast that celebrated people coming together, delicious drinks and great food.

With harvest nearly upon us, we wanted to create an experience as close to the source of our Vodka and Gin as we possibly could. So we’ve rolled up our sleeves, cleared as many rows of potatoes as Harry would allow us to make room for the perfect setting. Long tables were adorned with English garden blooms from our friends at Great British Florist and each detail was taken care of; a small potato as a favour, muslin napkins (the same material used to infuse our botanicals in the stills) and a small bottle of our Original Potato Vodka.

The talented team from A Rule of Tum carefully designed a menu that encapsulated the season, Herefordshire’s finest produce and of course a few potato-inspired dishes. Like us, they aim to champion attention to detail and what the rich soil of our homeland has to offer whilst doing so ethically and sustainably. Although we present this concept in two very different ways, they happen to marry together just perfectly.

Each course was paired with a unique, crafted cocktail using a number of spirits from our growing family. Pink Grapefruit Thyme Gin & Tonic, GB Gin Bramble, Apple and Rosemary Vodka Collins and a Rhubarb Vodka Sour to finish creating a merry atmosphere which continued into the night. The evening ended with a big cheer and a moment to take in the magical surroundings.

A memorable evening that is a part of a very exciting project we’ve been quietly working on. But for now, we’ll be keeping that buried in the ground. Watch this space…