Country Tails

October 29, 2013


Tonight, James Chase will be hosting an evening of gin to members at Home House in London.


Not to miss out on all the fun, we have put together a quiz based around the broad category!


Please submit your answers to with the subject title “Gin Quiz”.


Entries with all the correct answers will be placed into a hat, and the lucky contender will win a bottle of our recently released Sloe & Mulberry Gin.


Good Luck!



* Entries close on the 13th of November 2013 and the winner will be announced midday on 15th of November 2013.





What is bathtub gin?


A: Gin that has a soapy flavour profile

B: Homemade gin, produced illegally

C: Gin popularised in the city of Bath



Considered one of the oldest styles of gin, this offering uses a malt spirit base (similar to whiskey) and dates back to 13th-century Europe:


A: Old Tom

B: Genever

C: Gordon’s

D: London dry


This style of gin is often considered the missing link between London dry and Dutch genever:


A: Old Tom

B: American dry

C: Sloe

D: None of the above



Which of the following is not a style of gin:


A: London dry

B: Old Tom

C: Plymouth

D: Sloe


Which fruit or vegetable do Chase Distillery produce their GIN base spirit from


A: Potatoes

B: Wheat

C: Barley

D: Apples


Which is the biggest gin-drinking nation?


A: Spain



D: Philippines 


Aside from Juniper Berries, what are the three key botanicals in Williams Chase Elegant Gin? Clue – they are all grown on the Chase Farm?


A: Hops, blackcurrants, carrots

B: Tea Leaves, Mint, eucalyptus

C: Elderflowers, hops, bramley apples

D: Sloe Berries, Damsons, and Thyme



What is the main difference between gin and vodka

A: Bottle Shape

B: Alcohol content

C: The taste of Juniper Berries


 Is the classic Martini made with gin or vodka?

A: Gin

B: Vodka