Country Tails

March 7, 2016


Are you gluten intolerant?

Have you ever wondered what spirits you can or can’t drink?

Well, we have good news! Both Chase Vodka and Williams Gin are made from sources naturally free from Gluten. Our single-estate spirits made here on our family farm in Herefordshire are grown, mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled by hand meaning we have full traceability on all of our products. We grow three main varieties of potatoes King Edwards, Lady Claire and Maris Piper for the distillery, as well as rare cider apple varieties for our Naked Chase Apple Vodka and Williams Elegant Gin. It’s through this unique process that we can ensure that no gluten is used during production, giving our customers a product with provenance like no other spirit on the market.

Chase was proud to sponsor Hemsley & Hemsley book launch last week at Mondrian London. Melissa Hemsley recently quoted in The Telegraph: “I love vodka – smooth, light and takes to low-sugar, sour-tasting drinks well. If you have gluten sensitivities choose the kind made from potatoes rather than wheat.

Why not try their amazing Hemsley Collins (recipe on p333) made with our very own Chase Potato Vodka, order your copy HERE.