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January 8, 2016

Great Chase to the North Pole

We’re proud to have teamed up with seasoned British explorer, Mark Wood as he gears up for a two month long, death-defying, Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ backed Arctic expedition that could be the last of its kind.

Set to make it into the history books with worldwide repercussions, the Race Against Time will see Mark Wood trek on foot from the Russian Arctic Coast to the geographic North Pole across the “fragile” Arctic ice in just a few weeks’ time.

He has already skied solo to the North and South Pole in an arduous challenge he dubbed “my life in a freezer”, as well as taken part in other risky expeditions, including climbing up Everest.

But this latest challenge is his most dangerous to date and will see him travel 600 nautical miles over 60 days in temperatures of up to minus 60°c with two team members, serving soldiers Paul Vicary and Mark Langridge.

The challenge which aims to record, and expose, the real, first-hand effects of global warming, could be the last time is it ever attempted by a British exploration team, and has been described by patron Sir Fiennes as “the toughest on the planet”.

This is because this treacherous journey, that few have completed, is one that scientists are already predicting will become impossible by 2058 as the Arctic ice is already melting due to climate change.

“We may be the last British explorers to ever complete this journey, because climate change will make what is already a dangerous journey impossible all too soon.”

Amongst all the dangers Wood’s team will face, including potential encounters with Polar Bears and the Arctic climate, they say sweat will be their biggest potential killer.

The journey begins in late February following a farewell party at James’s Mayfair pub The Running Horse. Keep up to date on the journey;




Polar Facts

By Mark Wood

Polar Bear’s hair is transparent

A Polar Bear can smell up to 60 miles 

A Polar Bear is the only animal in the world that is known to hunt humans

Sweat is the biggest killer in the arctic

We will each burn 6000-8000 calories per day

Sledges will weigh up to 140kg’s at the start of the journey and below 50 kg’s at the end. The main weight is food and fuel for the cookers

We will cover of 600 nautical miles to the North Pole

We will start the journey at minus 50–60°c

We will only carry enough food for 70 days

We crave salt and will be taking a large quantity of Pork scratchings

If you throw a cup of hot chocolate in the air it will be frozen by the time it hits the ground

On ice you lose your sense of perception with no definition

If you stand still eating chocolate in a freezer your body still loses weight

Your breath turns to moisture as soon as it leaves your mouth and freezes on your beard.