Country Tails

April 15, 2016


With the Queen’s 90th birthday next week we thought we’d share with you one of our favourite creations from Bartender – Tristan Stephenson, Bartender of the year – Class magazine 2011. 

The Queen’s favourite drink is a form of Dubonnet cocktail. One part Gin to three parts Dubonnet, served in her personal crystal glass with a pit-less slice of lemon under two ice cubes. 

With this in mind here’s Tristan’s take on this royal favourite,

’ Her Majesty’s Secret Serve ‘ 

35ml Williams Elegant Gin 
25ml Dubonnet 
15ml Fever-Tree tonic top 
Garnish with a blue cornflower 

Method – Stir Gin and Dubonnet with ice, strain into a chilled coupet glass over a diamond shaped ice block. 

Quote: If you’re creating a cocktail to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, it would be impossible to ignore gin. A quintessentially British ingredient, William’s Gin combines very nicely with another palace favourite, Dubonnet. All that’s required then is a splash of tonic water (as a nod to the commonwealth) to add structure through bitterness. 

It would be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t take the time to carve a pretty ice diamond to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th  year, but more importantly, manage the drinks temperature and add a controlled dilution. As a final flourish the cocktail is completed with a British flower in the shade of blue, thus balancing the appearance with the traditional red and blue of the Union Flag. 

Taste wise, the soft botanicals of Williams Elegant Gin couple beautifully with the aromatics of Dubonnet, with just a touch of celebratory sparkle and balanced bitterness from the tonic.