Country Tails

July 18, 2018

Imagine a Potatoless World…

Last weekend we set sail with Bompas & Parr during Art Night on the Thames Clipper to celebrate the Secret Life of a Potato. For 3 years running, Bompas & Parr have been bringing their expertise in multi-sensory experiences to the contemporary art festival and this year we were given the opportunity to get involved. An event that was solely based upon potatoes? something we simply couldn’t say no to.

Running through the night, the multi-sensory experience took guests through a multitude of different activities that triggered all thoughts and feelings to be potato related. Each sense was stimulated through a series of elements including a number of short films about potatoes accompanied by sounds of peeling, frying and mashing. In addition to this, a masseuse was on hand to give complimentary potato massages and salty potato snacks were shared out to keep guests satisfied. Naturally, they were also able to enjoy inspired cocktails using our spirits with fabulous names including ‘I yam who I yam’, ‘Pommes two ways’ and a ‘Salt & Vinegar’ Martini- a creative, delicious twist on some classic serves. 

As pioneers of the field to bottle cause, we have discovered that the potato isn’t just a kitchen staple, it also holds a very significant place on your drinks tray. So next time you are peeling a spud or sipping on a GB&T, spare a thought of how great they truly are.