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June 18, 2019

National Martini Day: 
The Vodka Martini

On June 19th we welcome this year’s National Martini Day and we’ll be celebrating with our Original Potato Vodka. We’ll be raising a perfectly mixed Vodka Martini to toast to the day which celebrates the foundation of what our business is built upon. But first, we are going to delve into a short history lesson…

The story of who exactly invented it and where it came from is a little unclear. Purists believe a Martini is traditionally made with gin but over time ingredients and tastes changed. In the early decades of the 20th century, the popularity of Vodka increased and experimenting with existing cocktail recipes meant a Vodka variation of a Martini was created. The very first record of a Vodka Martini was in Ted Saucier’s book ‘Bottoms up’ published in 1951.

Also known as a Vodkatini or Kangaroo, the Vodka Martini’s popularity dramatically rose when featured in a James Bond novel (1956) and then later the films. This elevated the drink’s international recognition with the somewhat debated famous quote ‘shaken not stirred’.

Stirring the cocktail is the bartender’s choice. The recommended time to stir a cocktail is 30-45 seconds in which you might never achieve the same temperature or dilution as if it were shaken. However, you will achieve a beautiful crystal clear end result.

Shaken is just how 007 preferred it. This method is quicker to cool the drink but could change the texture due to aeration and therefore the clear liquid turns a little cloudy.

Many variations of the Vodka Martini have evolved bringing several ways to customise the cocktail to suit personal preference, see below.

Dirty – Olives and brine added.

Dry – Vermouth stirred in mixing glass to give a hint of flavour and then removed.

Wet – Vermouth left in the cocktail.

Garnishes – with olives or a twist (citrus peel).

On the rocks – with ice.

Straight up – no ice.

How to make a perfect Chase Vodka Martini

A deceivingly simple drink, yet it takes time, patience and practice to perfect it. It enables our Original Vodka’s creamy, slightly waxy notes to really shine through – a drink to savour and appreciate when you have a spare moment to yourself or to celebrate this year’s International Vodka Day with friends. Discover our very own twist on a Vodka Martini below.

Glass: Chill a Martini glass either by putting in the freezer in advance or by adding cubed ice to glass.

Tools: Mixing glass, julep strainer (for the home bartender- a small sieve) and bar spoon.

Ingredients: 60ml Original Chase Vodka, 10ml Dry vermouth and olives to garnish.

Recipe: Add 10ml of dry vermouth to the mixing glass, top with cubed ice then add 60ml of Original Chase vodka and stir until the desired balance of alcohol and water has been reached. This is quite subjective and some people count 20 stirs and then test their drink, but the idea is to create a drink where you can taste the alcohol flavour without the burn.

Once the martini has reached the desired level of dilution strain the liquid from the mixing glass straight into the Martini glass using the julep strainer to ensure the cubes of ice do not fall into the glass. Garnish with two olives on a metal cocktail stick.


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