Country Tails

November 7, 2018

Twelve Festive Single-Estate Spirits

Twelve days worth of beautifully hand-made single-estate spirits in an elegant keepsake box. Each bottle is neatly tucked away in an individual drawer, eagerly awaiting to be opened on Christmas morning. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself over the festive period.

What’s inside?

Each box includes a selection of our family of spirits, complete with a delectable cocktail serve for each.

2 x  5cl GB Gin

2 x  5cl Potato Vodka

1 x  5cl Elegant Gin

1 x 5cl Pink Grapefruit Gin

1 x  5cl Seville Marmalade Gin

1 x 5cl Sloe & Mulberry Gin

1 x  5cl Marmalade Vodka

1 x 5cl Rhubarb Vodka

1 x 5cl Smoked Vodka

1 x 5cl Elderflower Liqueur


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