Country Tails

April 24, 2013

Is it gin or is it a flavoured vodka? We’d like you to tell us

It is a little known fact that to make gin you must first start with vodka. So we have made 1000 bottles of Williams Single Botanical Gin or Chase Juniper Vodka, the question being, is it gin or is it flavoured vodka? 

Why? You may ask. Well, we have been very frustrated at how easily people can create a gin using neutral grain spirit, and behave as if the flavour profile of the base spirit is not important. We could use neutral spirit too – it would be a quarter of the cost – but we want people to understand that gin is made from vodka, and you therefore have to make the best possible vodka in the first place, which is why we use our own potato and apple vodkas as the basis for our gins. It’s always been our mission to create vodka with flavour. 

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Crystal clear. 
Aroma: Clean and fresh – even freshening, leathery eucalyptus with delicate piney spice. 
Taste: Clean, eucalyptus, lavender, camphor, pine and faint overripe banana garnished with mild black pepper. 
Aftertaste: Pine and cleansing cracked black pepper.