Country Tails

October 25, 2016

James’ Top 5 Halloween Cocktails 

The most important thing about a Halloween party is, of course, the drinks. Finding cocktail recipes that will both impress your friends and stay on theme is notoriously difficult – but don’t worry James Chase has your back. Here are his top 5 Halloween cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to get any party started!

  1. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend…

    50ml Chase Vodka

    25ml Lime Juice 

    25ml Sugar Syrup

    ¼ Teaspoon Squid Ink

    Crushed Ice

    Method: Add all ingredients to a tall glass and swizzle. Garnish with dead mint and grapefruit.

  2. Witches’ Blood Mulled Wine

    Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin- 37.5ml

    Homemade Mulled Wine- top (see below)

    Homemade Mulled Wine- (Ingredients per bottle of wine).

    Decent quality red wine (Merlot Preferred)- 1 bottle

    Cinnamon- 2 sticks

    Clove- 1 tbsp

    Star Anise- 2 whole stars

    Orange slices- ½ whole orange.

    Lemon Slice- ½ whole orange

    Sugar- Roughly 100g

    Angostura Bitters- 3 dash

    Add all ingredients to a pan and gently warm (do not boil). Allow to infuse over a low heat for 10-15 minutes. Take off heat and allow to cool, strain liquid through a fine strainer and use.

  3. Haunted Carnival Cobbler 

    Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin- 50ml

    Whole Blackberries- 1

    Whole Raspberries- 3

    Cranberry Juice- 25ml

    Vanilla Sugar Syrup-12.5ml (original Sugar Syrup can be used if preferred)

    Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice- 12.5ml

    Method: Add Fruit to the bottom of a shaker and muddle until broken down, add all other ingredients and SHAKE with cubed ice, double strain into a short glass over crushed ice.

    Garnish- Fresh seasonal fruit and short straws.

  4. Devil’s Ruin Cider

William’s Elegant Gin/ Chase Naked Vodka- 50ml

Willy’s Cider- 200ml

Pear Nectar (see below)- 50ml

Pear Nectar- core whole pears and add to a pan on a low heat with fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and water (roughly 25ml Lemon Juice, 25ml sugar syrup and 25ml for every 5 whole pears). Simmer for around 20 mins on a low heat. Add mixture to a food processer and puree until smooth. Bottle and Store in the fridge.

Method: Add Willy’s Cider to a pan over a medium heat, along with pear nectar, a cinnamon stick and star anise (this can be made in advanced and stored in bottles for speed of service if preferred) Add Original Potato Vodka to the bottom of a tempered glass and top with pear and cider infusion.

Garnish: Fresh apple slice and cinnamon stick.


  • Possessed Gingerbread Man

    Chase Marmalade Vodka- 37.5ml

    Gingerbread Syrup- 10ml

    Crème De Cacao White- 12.5ml

    Single Cream- 20ml

    Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker and SHAKE with cubed ice, double strain into a chilled martini/coupe glass.

    Garnish: Nutmeg/Cinnamon dusting, Mini Gingerbread Man.