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March 6, 2015

Let There Be Smoke…

The popularity of restaurants hot smoking, charcoal grilling and barbequing is showing no sign of slowing down.  The opportunities to create smoked cocktails alongside those finger lickin’ rack of sticky ribs, or that delicious home cooked smoked brisket has never been greater.

Let’s use National Treasure Jamie Oliver as an example. For the past two weeks he’s been serving up smoky, savory meals on his latest TV endeavor, Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. A portion of the show features mini tutorials, which most recently taught us simple ways to create your own home smoker. From offset BBQ smokers, to simply adding oak shavings to your kitchen oven (he ensures that your fire alarms won’t go mad) smoking foods to give dinner that added punch of flavour is what it’s all about this year!

Some people will smoke anything-even water, and our Head Distiller Jamie is no exception. Jamie’s inspiration came from a particularly good batch of smoked salmon whilst visiting a local food festival a few years ago. Bucking the trend of flavoured spirits – Chase Oak Smoked Vodka was born shortly after.

Using the finest English oak from Herefordshire, we slowly smoke water in the coolest part of the smoke house. The water, used in the production of the spirit, is drawn from our borehole at the distillery. Our water hails from the Malvern Hills (the Queen’s favourite don’t you know!) and is smoked over 14 days. The water is then blended in with our award-winning vodka to create the truly unique flavoured vodka.

Best served neat over ice as a digestive, or (our fav) as the base spirit in a Bloody Mary – Chase Smoked Vodka is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before… we promise!

So whilst you’re preparing this Sunday’s smoky meal, we hope you accompany it with a Smoky Mary.

Smoked Vodka Bloody Mary – By David Gerrans from The Whip in Mayfair, London

50 ml Chase Smoked Vodka
20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
150 ml Fresh Tomato Juice
20 ml of Special spice mix
Spice Mix : 50cl bottle

300 ml Worcestershire Sauce
50 ml Tobasco
50 ml Port
50 ml Manzilla Sherry
5 pinches each of salt and pepper
Infuse with rosemary for 3 days
Roll all ingredients with ice, strain into a highball with lots of ice.
Garnish with a lemon and slice of celery.

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