Country Tails

October 2, 2015

One Potato, Two… COMING SOON

The launch of Will’s book is quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! 

One Potato, Two… is the autobiography of William Chase – the 50-something entrepreneur who went from being a bankrupt potato farmer to creating Tyrrell’s Chips and the Williams Chase Distillery.

One Potato, Two… charts William’s life with potatoes, from his early years growing up on Tyrrell’s Court in the Herefordshire countryside and his farming and trading days to hitting upon his first eureka idea that led to the birth of Tyrrell’s Chips and his second with the Williams Chase Distillery.

William shares insights into his personal life, his passion for Herefordshire and making things from scratch, his business challenges and successes and, perhaps most importantly, how he managed to find the magic.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of photos and also features food and cocktail recipes that use our spirits and local Herefordshire produce so you can bring a bit of the English countryside into your home.

To pre-order your copy, click HERE