Country Tails

December 12, 2016

pairing your chase spirits with canapés this season

Don't be caught out when holding a dinner party this season, follow our guide to learn which spirits to pair with which festive canapés. 

  • Rich, creamy canapés such as dips, rarebit bites and cheese and biscuits - for these dishes you need a spirit that will cut through the creaminess and our Chase Marmalade Vodka does exactly that. It's bitter-sweet and pairs perfectly with all things cheesy!
  • Fish and seafood - When serving seafood and fish-based canapés it's best to avoid heavy spirits as they can mask the flavour. Our Elegant 48 Gin, however, is a perfect accompaniment for these as its delicate and crisp flavour works well to enhance the fresh tastes of the sea. 
  • For sweets and desserts - Our Williams GB Gin makes a great match for anything sweet. Its extra dry taste complements the flavours perfectly and the sweetness really enhances the botanical flavours of the gin. 
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