Country Tails

May 2, 2019

Raise a Pink Grapefruit G&T to the long weekend

Come rain or shine, the long weekend is a great excuse to get together with friends for a drink or two. We’re hoping for fair weather but if it doesn’t go to plan, enjoy a taste of summer with Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin. Whether you’re planning a lively weekend or opting for a lazy couple of days, a Pink Grapefruit G&T is a delicious refresher to satisfy your thirst.

We use Chase GB Gin as a base and further distil with a bounty of pink grapefruit and pomelo peels to create a tart and tangy spirit. One of our favourite ways to serve is simply as a G&T – follow our top tips and tricks below to ensure you make it perfectly every single time.

Gin: Select your favourite tall glass and add a measure of 50ml of Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin.

Ice:  Don’t under-estimated the power of ice in your drink; large, solid, clear ice cubes are preferred and ensure you fill the glass right to the top to ensure a perfectly cool drink and longer lasting ice.

Tonic: A good quality tonic is key – we recommend searching for one that really lets the flavour of the gin shine through.

Garnish: To finish, slice a juicy, fresh pink grapefruit to complement your serve.

Combine all of the above, give a few gentle stirs and you are ready to enjoy. Cheers!


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