Country Tails

November 20, 2015


You may have read in the press recently that I had a bit of a go at one or two vodka and gin brands. I guess I got a bit carried away but I am very passionate about what we do at Chase Distillery. I don’t believe I actually used the word “crap”, but it was a long interview. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But I certainly did use the word “FAKE”!  What I tried to communicate is that the majority of gin makers should really take a lesson from Bombay Sapphire who readily admit that their product is made from 100% neutral grain spirit and who do not pretend their product is handmade or anything other than what it is.  Bravo to them.

I don’t believe any such neutral grain spirit should retail at over £20 in the market as I really can’t see how they can justify when I know the price that they pay for their mass produced liquid which they then just finish. And on that point they are Compounders, they are not Distilleries, but I guess being a Compounder doesn’t sound as nice. WE are a true distillery. I think the entire food and drink market is entering into a new era where more and more products are sold on twee stores rather than on taste and it is the genuine producers that deserve the exposure such as The Somerset Cider Brandy Company, Pixley Berries or Belvoir Fruit Farms. These guys grow and make their products with massive passion and are very genuine, making to a standard not a price and NOT relying on twee stories to sell it. Would you pay a premium for a so called homemade loaf of bread if the baker had bought it frozen, added a few seeds, warmed it up and called it homemade?  

That’s why it really gets my goat when I see brands hoodwinking the public into thinking that if the maker put his or her name on it, it must represent a guarantee of authenticity. I see this being exploited by too many businesses these days and I want to call out everyone to state what they really are just as Bombay Sapphire have rightly done.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and please continue to enjoy our lovely and GENUINE homemade spirits!

Kind regards,

William Chase