Country Tails

January 3, 2014

Sainsbury’s Supporting Young Farmers

At the end of a year where the British food supply industry has seen a number of challenges, from tackling variable weather to beef contamination, Sainsbury’s has gathered the views of over 100 British farmers and growers to understand what 2014 might have in store for British food.

Despite the fulfilment felt by those currently in the industry, an overwhelming 86% of the farmers and growers surveyed felt that there are not enough young people considering agriculture as a career choice. A lack of promotion of farming as a desirable career choice by the education system is seen as the main barrier for (35%) of those questioned, followed by a lack of opportunities for potential first generation farmers (27%) and poor public understanding of the industry (26%).

The average age of a farmer is over 50; therefore tackling the challenge to inspire the next generation of farming leaders is an area of focus for 2014 and beyond.

Currently at Chase we employ 4 full time farmers led by Williams son, Harry Chase. We are one of the only distilleries in the world that still grows all crops needed to supply the distillery. Refusing to buy in anything ready made ( neutral grain spirit in particular ) we pride ourselves on having control of every step of the process. 

Chase is proud to be stocked in Sainsbury’s and we hope to educate the public more on our farming techniques. Buy Here

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