Country Tails

January 27, 2014


With it being only a short season, running from December to February, most of the Seville orange crop is exported to Britain for use in the delicious and decidedly British preserve, marmalade. 

Enjoying nothing more than marmalade on toast for breakfast, we decided to stock up, boiling up our own marmalade recipe to create our Chase Marmalade Vodka. This unique tipple begins life as the ‘World’s Best’ Chase Original Vodka, the smooth and creamy spirit is marinated with a bespoke Seville orange marmalade in the Chase alembic copper pot still; Ginny. The resultant spirit is then further distilled in the world’s tallest rectification column (standing at 70ft) with the vapours passing through fresh Valencian and Sevillian orange peel, creating a beautifully bittersweet and 100% natural orange experience.

Enjoy with Ginger Beer, lime and bitters as a Marmalade Mule, or serve chilled, straight up as an instant Breakfast Martini.

But so delicious is the Seville orange, we also decided to use them in a bespoke gin recipe. Wanting a crisp, citrusy flavour we decided to use the oranges in their raw form rather than marmalising them first and the result is outstanding.

Using our very own cider apples, we create the base spirit. Slowly, we infuse with a delicate range of eight unique botanicals including; juniper, orange peel, liquorice, elderflower and bitter almond before finally distilling with more of the same sweet Seville orange peel used in our delicious Chase Marmalade Vodka.

Light nectar in appearance, natural floral oils on the nose, fragrant with elderflower upfront on the palate finishing with an expression of fresh Seville orange zest.

Use to create a refreshing Gin and Tonic, served with a slice of fresh orange, or to create a classic Negroni. Also delicious as an Orange Blossom Fizz cocktail: 20ml Seville Orange Gin, 5ml rose water, 10ml honey shaken and topped with fizz.