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February 11, 2013

The Export Drought

At the Distillery we now export to over 25 countries including USA, China, Australia, Hong Kong and most recently Abu Dhabi. Export now accounts for 40% of total sales. 

Quoted from the Economist : “In 1990 Britain placed fifth in a league table of goods exporters, in line with the size of its economy. Although all OECD countries have slid down the ranking, as China and India have moved up, Britain has dropped the most. It now stands 11th, behind Belgium, Italy and Russia. Its colonial links, which for other countries create strong trade ties, appear to be failing: in 2012 Britain was 19th in a ranking of exporters to India, bagging just 1.5% of the market.” It went onto say “Of Britain’s 200,000 or so SMEs, just 20% export, according to government figures. If this could be lifted to 25%, the EU average, exports would pick up. Hit the Belgian rate (almost 35%) and they would jump.”

When ships arrive at Felixstowe after their seven-week voyage from Asia, they are laden with fridges, furniture, food and shoes. On the return journey, 60% of the containers that pass through the nation’s main sea-trade artery are empty. Britain’s biggest export, say people in the shipping trade, is fresh Suffolk air. The country that once boasted 40% of the global goods trade has become an export pygmy.

We need more funding from the government to help this growing divide, its incredibly expensive as an SME to prospect without the guarantee that we are going to get an order. On recent visits to trade events outside the EU, it’s obvious to see the lack of funding British SME’s get.

90% of Vodka is consumed outside of Europe; in order for us to become a recognised brand we need to grasp markets as far flung as Brazil. In order for Chase to become a sustainable business export is a key area to focus on. 

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