Country Tails

August 25, 2016


Last Friday, we joined our friends Driven Shooting in New Zealand to celebrate the Glorious Twelfth where we supplied our GB and Sloe & Mulberry Gin to ensure that everyone’s hip flasks were kept well topped up!

The tradition of the Glorious Twelfth first started in 1831 and starts the grouse season with a bang, Driven Shooting are famous for their spectacular shoots to celebrate this date. Driven Shooting is a worldwide field sports agency who focus on delivering bespoke sporting experiences in both the UK and NZ where they were established in 2000. 

Rachel Carrie- who is regarded as one of the most successful faces in British shooting also joined Driven Shooting for the celebrations. She has numerous titles to her name, including the British ‘Side by Side’ championship in 2013. She not only won the ladies’ crown but she also placed in the men’s top ten.

Our William’s Gin is now available to purchase in New Zealand via Hancocks, another reason to visit then!