Country Tails

January 19, 2016


It’s Try January, so why not try one of our favourites from Will’s new book, One Potato…Two.This is comfort food at its best. We love it on a cold winter’s day, served with lashings of butter and our Chase Vodka Marmalade.


– 10g fresh yeast (or 4g dried yeast) 

– 20g natural yoghurt 

– 25g treacle 

– 100ml milk 

– 100ml warm water 

– 170g wholemeal flour 

– 170g strong white flour 

– 10g salt 

– 10g butter, softened 

– 50g dry roasted peanuts, chopped


In a bowl, combine the yeast, yoghurt, treacle, milk and water. Stir the mix and allow it to stand until you see bubbles (approximately 2 minutes). Put both flours in the bowl of an electric stand mixer and add the wet ingredients. Using the dough hook attachment, mix on a low speed for 15 minutes, then add
the salt, butter and peanuts and mix for a further 5 minutes. Place the dough into an oiled bowl, cover with cling film and leave in a warm place to prove for 40 minutes.
Once proved, turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead the air out of it. Then shape it into a small loaf, place onto a lightly floured tray, cover with a damp cloth and leave to prove for a further 50 minutes. If you have a trigger spray bottle handy, fill it with water and spray the dough every 10 minutes. Alternatively, sprinkle it with a little water using your fingers.
When the dough has finished proving, preheat the oven to 220°C and bake for 35-40 minutes, until crusty. To tell if your bread is ready, tap it on the bottom. If it gives off a hollow sound, remove from the oven and leave it to cool on a wire rack.

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