Country Tails

March 22, 2017

We’ve Teamed Up With wastED London 

This month we have partnered with ground-breaking food waste pop-up, wastED at Selfridges. 

The aim of the pop up is to celebrate creating something delicious out of the ignored or un-coveted, and encouraging new applications for what we now all too commonly refer to as food waste. This will be Chef Dan Barber’s first appearance for the public in London.


As part of the innovative wastED concept at Selfridges, we’ve supplied some of the waste from our distillation process to be made into delicious cocktails and delectable dishes. Our spud mash and spent botanicals will be used in the creation of a number of notable dishes by some top chefs, lead by the incredible Dan Barber. 

Ensuring wastED London is a one of a kind event, Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths continue the Wasted drinks narrative, ensuring that the waste found behind a bar is made use of as well. The cocktail menu brings together some of the most popular and classic cocktails, whilst demonstrating great creativity by using ingredients typically ignored.

Hurricane Hi Ball Cocktail- Chase Rhubarb Vodka, Williams Extra Dry Gin and Fermented Tropical Fruit Wine are among the cocktails on offer at the pop-up, all made from waste ingredients, of course, such as mango pits and apple cores. 

To read more about the event, or to find out how you can book one of the few remaining tickets for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner head here . The pop-up runs until the 2nd April.