Country Tails

October 20, 2013

What does CRAFT really mean? 

The English Dictionary reads: An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

Direct from the Distillery, James Chase comments: “One of the first questions you have to ask when looking at the craft trend is what craft really means, as it is becoming an increasingly overused term. Driven by the increasing demand for craft products many brands have been trying to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ – pushing craft credentials when in reality the brand is mass-produced brand. To me craft means being truly proud of where your brand is from and sourcing truly local ingredients. Chase are about to release our new batch of Williams Sloe and Mulberry Gin, truly single estate, unique and incredible quality.”


Over the recent years we have seen an abundance of start-ups in all sectors of the market place. Focusing on the spirits industry many have been overly keen to use the term ‘craft’. So often a mass stripped spirit is repackaged into something that is sold as small batch production.

At the Distillery Jamie Baggott adds: “Focusing on Gin we could buy Neutral Grain Sprit into the distillery at 10p per litre, but refusing to overlook traceability we distil our alcohol from scratch costing over £4 per litre”


What do you think CRAFT stands for? We will be following up with another post next week. All thoughts would be greatly received and if you have any questions please email them through to