Country Tails

June 14, 2012

Why do we use copper stills ? 

Summed up by drinks writer Simon Difford – 

‘Chemically copper acts as a catalyst to promote the formation of esters which impart desirable fruity notes to the spirit. Copper also reacts sacrificially to remove unwanted sulphur compounds which smell of struck matches, drains, rotten eggs, farts and cabbage – none of which make for an appealing vodka.’

Many mass market producing distilleries will be made from stainless steel, which can’t compete with the above.

Straight from fermentation through distillation our liquid will be in constant contact with copper. We take pride on looking after the whole process and not simply finishing neutral spirit, even large vodka & gin producers tend to buy-in neutral spirit and simply redistil it. This neutral spirt will be cheap to produce an often come from countries around the world where commodities are cheap, such as Brazil.