Country Tails

June 7, 2017

WIN Williams GB Gin and Have It Delivered Right To Your Desk 

Do you ever feel like your Monday could do with a little brightening up? Do you roll over and snooze your alarm repeatedly at that 7am wake up call? If you ever experience the classic Monday blues then I suggest you read on – we could be about to make your week a lot more interesting. 

This Monday, the 12th June, we will be running our #MondayFunday campaign from the heart of Bristol. Two members of our Chase team will be cruising round the South West capital in our Land Rover and carefully selecting deserving workers to surprise with some delicious gifts! We will be choosing the most deserving of candidates and hand delivering our GB Gin to their desks. Sit back and grin whilst your colleagues look on, green with jealousy!

Fancy getting involved? You’ll be glad to know that you can, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your office chair. Simply log onto social media on the 12th (we will be active on facebook and twitter) follow us @WilliamsGin and keep your eye out for our first post! If you tweet/message us using the hashtags #MondayFunday and #GBTour and tell us where you are (the name of your office) and why you deserve a little pick me up, you might find your Monday turns out to be a lot better than expected. Good luck – we can’t wait to see the smile on your face!

The more creative the messages the better – we will only choose the most deserving candidates

You must have your office manager’s permission before taking part in the campaign

You must be in a position to let us into your office to deliver the product