Country Tails

September 15, 2016

The World’s First Smoked Espresso Martini Chocolate Bar

Chocolate lovers, coffee lovers, vodka lovers beware! This week we are launching the world’s first, exclusive espresso martini chocolate bar. Nom Nom have combined our Smoked Vodka with award-winning Black Mountain Roast Espresso, and mixed it through a dark, creamy ganache before wrapping it in single-region organic chocolate. Be warned, it’s truly wicked!

Earlier this week the bar was officially launched at the Altar Design space in Shoreditch where lucky attendees were treated to a sample of the chocolate along with a smoked espresso martini. The smoked espresso martini was chosen for this chocolate bar due to its distinctive flavour and the way that it complements the rich, creamy chocolate. This cocktail also has a fascinating back story having been developed for a world-famous supermodel (we’ll let you guess who this was) after she asked for something that would both wake her up and f*** her up. This event saw the exclusive launch of the world’s first smoked espresso martini chocolate bar so please keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of this delicious invention into a shop near you!