Naked Chase Vodka

Our Naked Chase Vodka is made from our homegrown English cider apples.

Distilled six times and requiring no filtering, it’s the purest spirit we make. Perfect for vodka connoisseurs looking for something different. ABV – 42%

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Tasting notes


Fresh apple notes. Very subtle, soft and warm aroma.


Stewed apple with notes of brown sugar.


Hints of caramelised sugar and apple pie.

Our favourite naked cocktails

naked martini

50ml Naked Chase Vodka

20ml Dry Vermouth

Method: Stir  Vermouth over ice, and drain. Add Naked Chase Vodka shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a slice...

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spiced honey and apple caiproska

By Joshua Linfitt, Fifteen Cornwall

50ml Naked Chase Vodka

30ml spiced honey (see below)

10ml Cornish apple juice

1 white sugar cube

1 lime

5ml lemon...

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