Williams Elegant 48 Gin

To make the perfect gin martini, you need to start with perfect gin.

Elegant 48 is made from scratch using rare varieties of apples from our 200 year old bioganic cider orchards. In our bespoke gin still, we add hops, elderflower, juniper, Bramley apple and angelica, plus secret wild botanicals from our meadow and fresh water from our well. ABV – 48%

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Tasting notes


Fresh aromas of juniper, citrus fruit and spices.


Elegant, crisp and fruity followed by warm spices and earthy undertones.


Full bodied, aromatic, complex.

elegant martini

60ml Williams Elegant Gin

25ml Dry Vermouth

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupette glass. Garnish with an apple fan.


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wet the royal babies head

50ml Williams Elegant Gin  

200ml Fever-Tree Tonic 

Method: Garnish with half an apple slice and an Earl Grey Tea Bag - Properly British.

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